Lucia’s...the salon on main was created to offer something out of the ordinary in this industry.  

To offer more than just a job to someone.  To offer more than just a haircut to someone.  But to offer a career of fulfillment through experiencing love and life as a purpose and not just a paycheck.  To create an atmosphere for our guests that would provide a safe haven from the perils of life.  A place to unwind and forget about the days worries, because they will still be there tomorrow.  But to have that moment in time where nothing else mattered but what they will feel from the moment they enter through our doors to the second they must reenter into the world.

Lucia’s...the salon on main was created to provide a sense of peace to people in a world that often seems to have none.  To provide an experience not just a service.  To provide a team, not just a job.  When providing this experience we are also providing a piece of ourselves.  To use our talents as a tool to help heal insecurities, mend broken hearts, motivate the lost to be found and keep them coming back for more.  The actual service is a fraction of the experience; the rest is up to us, to provide a memory that is unforgettable and irreplaceable by anyone or anywhere else.

Lucia’s...the salon on main was meant to be unique because of our regard for our guest’s day and not just their pocketbook or wallet.  When we, as members of a team, offer ourselves as part of the experience, we are able to give the best we can offer through humility, caring and love.  We are able to go the extra mile, stay the extra hour, and make the extra phone call.  

When we do this, truly do this, that to us is the best we can offer and by this we have done our job.

It is truly our honor to serve you...